unusual things to do in colchester

Unusual things to do in Colchester: Exploring the Quirky Side of the UK’s Oldest Recorded Town

Located in the county of Essex, Colchester is a town steeped in history. As the oldest recorded town in the United Kingdom, it boasts a rich heritage dating back thousands of years. From its Roman walls and medieval architecture to its vibrant cultural scene, Colchester offers plenty of attractions for visitors to explore. However, for those seeking something a little more offbeat and unconventional, the town has a range of unusual activities and sights to discover. In this article, we will delve into some of the most unique and quirky things to do in Colchester, showcasing the town’s lesser-known treasures and hidden gems.

One of the most unusual attractions in Colchester is the Tiptree Jam Museum, located just a short drive from the town center. This charming museum offers visitors the chance to delve into the history of the iconic Tiptree jams and preserves. From vintage packaging and advertising memorabilia to interactive exhibits showcasing the jam-making process, the museum provides a fascinating insight into the world of one of Britain’s most beloved condiments. Visitors can also enjoy a mouthwatering array of tastings, including a wide variety of jams, marmalades, and chutneys, making it a delightful and unusual outing for food enthusiasts.

For those with a penchant for the paranormal, a visit to the Haunted London Road Cemetery is a must. This eerie yet intriguing burial ground is rumored to be haunted by restless spirits and ghostly apparitions. Guided night tours are available, offering visitors the chance to explore the cemetery’s dark and mysterious history. From tales of unexplained phenomena to sightings of spectral figures, the tour provides a spine-tingling experience for those brave enough to delve into the supernatural side of Colchester.

Another unusual activity in Colchester is the opportunity to take part in a traditional English tea party at the Secret Garden Tea Room. Tucked away in a secluded corner of the town, this hidden gem offers a whimsical and enchanting setting for a quintessentially British experience. Visitors can indulge in freshly brewed tea, delectable homemade cakes, and scones served with lashings of clotted cream and jam, all within the charming surroundings of a secret garden. From vintage crockery to floral décor, the tea room exudes a nostalgic charm, making it a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Traveling back in time, Colchester Castle offers a truly unique experience for history enthusiasts. While the castle itself is a well-known landmark, it is the opportunity to take part in the Castle Ghost Hunt that makes it an unusual and thrilling attraction. Guided by experienced paranormal investigators, visitors can explore the castle’s dark and atmospheric interiors, equipped with ghost-hunting equipment and investigative tools. From EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings to EMF (electromagnetic field) readings, the ghost hunt promises an immersive and spine-chilling adventure, providing a rare glimpse into the spectral side of Colchester’s history.

For a taste of the bizarre, Colchester’s Cressing Temple Barns host an annual Oddities and Curiosities Fair, showcasing a diverse array of the weird and wonderful. From taxidermy and vintage medical equipment to unusual artifacts and macabre collectibles, the fair celebrates the strange and unusual in a vibrant and eclectic gathering. Visitors can peruse the stalls of eccentric vendors, marveling at the unique and outlandish treasures on offer, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for those with a fascination for the odd and extraordinary.

In addition to its peculiar attractions, Colchester also offers a range of quirky events throughout the year. The annual Colchester Medieval Festival transports visitors back to the Middle Ages, with jousting, falconry displays, and living history encampments providing a captivating insight into the town’s medieval past. The event also features a medieval market, offering a plethora of handmade crafts, traditional food and drink, and period-appropriate entertainment, making it a delightful and offbeat experience for history buffs and families alike.

Furthermore, the nearby village of Heybridge is home to the intriguing Heybridge Basin Mysterious Tidal Swirl. This natural phenomenon, known as the Heybridge Basin tidal whirlpool, occurs during high tide at the confluence of two rivers, creating a mesmerizing and otherworldly vortex in the water. While the whirlpool is not always visible, it offers a captivating and enigmatic spectacle for those lucky enough to witness it, providing a truly unusual and memorable experience in the Essex countryside.

In conclusion, Colchester is a town brimming with unusual and offbeat attractions, offering visitors the chance to explore the quirky side of the United Kingdom’s oldest recorded town. From haunted cemeteries and ghost hunts to eccentric museums and bizarre fairs, the town provides an array of unconventional and intriguing activities for adventurous travelers. Whether indulging in a traditional tea party, delving into the paranormal, or marveling at the strange and unusual, Colchester offers a wealth of unique experiences that are sure to leave a lasting impression. For those seeking a break from the ordinary, Colchester’s unusual attractions promise a delightful journey into the weird, the wonderful, and the truly memorable.

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